Who Are Mail-order Brides?

Today there are plenty of men looking for a mail-order bride. However, not all people are familiar with the issue. Before you read about my personal experience and thoughts concerning mail order brides, you should know that they are foreign women looking for a man from abroad to get married. There are various reasons for becoming foreign brides but the majority of them want to find love and improve their living conditions.

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How I once tried Internet brides

I heard about mail-order wives for the first time several years ago from the colleagues in my office. Some of them decided to try their luck and register on a special website. I was skeptical about the issue because it seemed ridiculous to hope for something but light-minded communication with pretty girls on the web. A few weeks later, I found out that two of those guys found very attractive women and started speaking with them not only on the website but also on Skype.

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I became very curious about the issue. Besides, I broke up with just another girlfriend who turned to cheat on me. I was almost disappointed in women during that time. Well, I decided to find a mail order wife because they were described as women ready for marriage, kids, and all the stuff.

A true story how I managed to buy a bride online

My journey was not easy and short. I changed a great number of sites before I found a suitable one. The first resource I chose was free. There were lots of girls from different countries. I spoke to about 10 of them. And each one asked to send her money. There were a few websites that demanded registration fee and huge running fees. However, fortunately, I could observe a few accounts with my limited access and decided which of them were not for me. Finally, I picked the agencies with suitable profiles and reasonable fees.

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The majority of ladies there were from Russia, Asia, and Eastern Europe. I spoke to multiple ladies who seemed to correspond to my requirements. Then I started seriously communicating with a Latvian 30-year-old girl. With her fluent English, I didn’t really notice a language barrier. She was really beautiful and we could talk for hours on chat on Skype. After several months of romantic communication, I decided to take her to my place in Virginia. Then we faced lots of bureaucratic things connected with visas, invitations, documents, and so on. But we finally got married very soon after her arrival. Even today, I can hardly believe that I found my soulmate on the Internet. We are happy together and plan to have a kid.

You see that my experience appeared to be positive. The key thing for me was the right choice of a mail-order bride website. It should be reliable with the corresponding security measures. Another important thing concerns girls’ nationality. I was happy to find a woman who understands me and shares my values.

Top mail order bride websites

Sometimes it is really hard to define a reliable website, where you can look for your other half. That’s why I decided to describe several resources, which I liked the most:

  • Asian Feels. I’ve heard a lot about girls from Asia, that’s why they were one of the women I considered preferable for myself. On this website, you can find ladies from China, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, The Philippines, and Japan. The number of profiles is impressive. Besides, it is reliable because it has existed for over 10 years. There is a limited amount of credits available for free. Then you need to pay. With high ratings, this site is worth the attention of the lovers of Oriental beauty.
  • AsianMelodies. Another dating platform for the men looking for an Asian wife. There are several options available for free. The number and quality of the profiles are really impressive. The interface is very user-friendly, so you will hardly have any problems. What’s more, they offer interesting additional options, for example, flower delivery, translation, etc.
  • Victoria Brides online dating site. It is a website, where I actually found my sweetheart. Thus, I couldn’t avoid mentioning it. Here you will see the profiles of Slavic girls from Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. Some people say that the site does not look trustworthy because the ladies are too good to be true. Guys, calm down, Slavic women are just as gorgeous as their photos on Victoria Brides. The positive thing about the resource is the detailed information provided about the girls. Thus, you can find exactly the woman you dream of. There is also a comfortable search to find a perfect match.
  • Valentime. It is a reputable site, which seems to me more appropriate for men over 40. There are thousands of high-quality profiles offered. You can easily use a search option if you need to. There is an ID confirmation, thanks to which it is impossible to pretend to be someone else.

Mail-order brides from various countries and their features

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As soon as you understand what is mail order bride, you should also know their features. The latest depend on race, culture, and religion. The majority of foreign brides live in countries with a developing economy. They look for a better attitude toward women, more opportunities in life, and better living conditions. Consider the key features of such ladies:

  • Vietnam. Girls from this country know how to please a man. They are full of love and joy. The women are known for impressive family values and extreme beauty (partially due to the magnificent manner they dress).
  • Thailand. The girls are adored due to their exotic appearance and dedication to men. They are very seductive and are ready to do any type of work for you.
  • The Philippines. These girls are amazing. They have both enigmatic beauty and strong character. Their views towards the family are traditional. A man is a leader. However, they are perfect partners able to give you support and help during hard times.
  • Russia. In this country, you will find one of the best and most attractive brides. They are smart, beautiful, family-oriented, and purposeful. They have a strong character and their own opinion. That’s why forget about submissiveness and get ready for equality. At the same time, they are faithful and supportive.
  • Ukraine. Like all the other Slavic ladies, they are known for their unique beauty. Their views towards family are traditional, which is why they can become perfect wives and mothers. They are extremely strong in character.
  • Columbia. With their dark eyes and tanned skin, these Latinas are very attractive to Western men. They are funny and passionate. Get ready for the relations, which will set you on fire and lead to the strong family.

How much are mail-order brides?

If you want to know about the costs and prices of foreign brides, it is necessary to understand that there are different kinds of agencies working with various payment models. In the majority of cases, you will need to pay for the registration. The fees depend on a definite site. There are elite resources with higher prices. There are other schemes available. For example, some agencies are ready to return the total amount of money or a part of it if you fail to find a wife. Others offer the wedding preparation and organization for free as a bonus, so only registration fees are required. There are also resources, which do not provide compensation if you can’t find your love. Another popular applied pricing model is a limited number of options/credits available for free. You can spend them on chatting, profiles observation, etc. As soon as they are over, you will have to purchase extra credits for further access to the site.

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It is good if the agency assists you throughout the whole process of dating and supports you until you find a wife. There are extra options, which might be available for additional fees. They can make your online dating experience more romantic and interesting.


Mail-order bride websites are a wonderful chance to find true love and build relations, which can lead to the family and kids. If you are tired of the local ladies thinking only about money and career (as I was), a foreign wife might become a breath of fresh air so you will change your opinion about women. Try your luck and find your other half!